Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As a business, if your digital presence is insignificant, you are basically doomed. An effective digital marketing campaign, lead generation strategies or search engine optimization can make or break your business in a matter of time. In a survey conducted by Gartner, 28% of business owners responded by affirming the shift of marketing budget to digital marketing services from previous traditional marketing media. The chart below reiterates how Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) is higher compared to traditional marketing methods.

Sure, other marketing methods may generate large volumes of traffic through mass audience targeted, but if the traffic is not converted to sales leads, it is simply worthless. Digital marketing ensures your conversion rate is optimized through effectively reaching your desired target audience at a lower CPL.

Where does higher conversion lead to?

Of course, Higher revenue and higher profit.

Google has announced in a study of IPSOS Hong Kong that better digital marketing presence paves the way for greater expected revenue growth of 2.8 times.

Now that you realize the importance of effective digital marketing strategies, where should you start to connect with your audiences and make your brand really prominent in the competitive business landscape?

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