Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services

Not outsourcing your HR yet? This is why you should

One of the primary requirements of a successful company is a proper HR group. Most business owners would tell you their employees are their most valuable asset and an efficient HR group will link up with every other department to get the best output from them. Companies are used to having a complete HR department to handle their day to day issues but off late this tendency has been changing.

With the increasing advancement of technology, like everything else, companies are getting HR Advisory and Services from other entities. In hindsight, it might seem like an unnecessary stance but it comes with a significant amount of benefits that can make your entire company much more efficient.

  • Cost Reduction

    26% of companies outsource to save money. From the offset, it is easy to realize that the overall cost reduces significantly. The overhead cost of a fully functional HR department is very high which will require an office space, utilities, and highly trained staff. Compared to this an external HR advisory would cost considerably less, saving you a fortune.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Problem with having people to do the dull administrative task is that it might hinder the focus on core strategy and coming up with innovative ideas. One of the most popular reasons, in fact, 23% of companies outsources to focus on strategy and bring on new ideas. Whilst a lot of activities are shifted to a third party, employees can put more time on things that will be fruitful for the company.

  • Developing Employees

    Hiring employees is one of the most fundamental tasks of any HR department. Having the perfect employees that will suit your company and the job at hand is the primary requirement for success. But in most cases, a company needs to develop employees according to their own model to make the system most efficient. This development requires specialists to understand the demands of employees and the company. Thus almost 57% outsource training/management development programs to ensure the proper development. Outsourced HR advisory firms can provide you with the best quality of training.

  • Accounting and Payroll

    Having an in-house payroll staff is much more expensive than the cost of outsourced HR advisory. Things like employee pay slips, advising on taxes can be dealt with by them. In case of payroll analysis for accounting purposes, that can also be provided by this company. 49% HR tasks outsourced are actually payroll. This will free up time and resources to deal with much more important and delicate employee situations.

  • Risk Management & Dealing with Compliance

    One of the major concerns about running any company is being up to date with ever-changing labour laws, regulations regarding workplace, laws regarding hiring, insurance claims etc. With the risk of employees filing lawsuits if any of those are not followed it’s better to hand over that duty to a competent third party and focus elsewhere. Almost 22% of companies outsource HR to deal with compliance and to avoid any unnecessary troubles. Small companies tend to have the most problem with this as they can’t afford to pay for the full HR staff. Outsourcing to HR advisory is a better alternative for them to avail.

  • Maintaining Work Condition

    Having the best employees might not be enough if the environment is toxic. By maintaining a proper work environment, an HR advisory service will ensure that your employees feel the most comfortable at the office and with each other. Any dispute that can harm this peace can be dealt with by them which on hindsight seems like a much fairer system. Having a third party to deal with any toxicity and maintain peace can be the perfect formula for everyone to excel.

  • Where do we fit in?

    Now that you have gone through the benefits of outsourcing your human resource departments to save fortunes for your company, the next issue that needs to be addressed is who exactly should you outsource the service to? Well, outsourcing your HR services to random companies would not only make you suffer through financial losses but cost you in the longer-term through inefficient employees, harming productivity, acquiring idle staffs who don't fit in the company culture. Hiring the wrong HR services is even more costly than hiring none. We, at Superlative Solutions, assure you to handle all your HR advisory and service needs, ensuring compatibility with your company culture. Because we believe making the right hire for your company is our topmost priority.

    Outsourced HR advisory allows you to save a fortune, get the best HR services and run an efficient company. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t avail this opportunity.